Tuesday, May 02, 2006


We went over to Akasaka this past weekend. Akasaka is famous for its temple, which I believe is a place to pray for commerce. Past the bridge over Sumida river is the Asahi Beer building with a famous structure on its roof that people like to refer as the golden sh*t.

Kaminari Mon (Thunder Gate) of Akasaka Temple

The Asahi Beer building up ahead; Asahi has both the building with the strange sculpture and the building to the left of it, which is supposed to represent the gold of the beer and the foam head on top.
Me on the bridge over Sumida River. My gf had a kick out of positioning the shot so the sh*t would be over my head.

The lobby of the main Asahi Beer building.
A waterbus or whatever it was.
Akasaka area map in front of Matsuya department store.
Subway train approaching at Akasakabashi station.