Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hamamatsucho & Shiodome

My gf and I took a stroll at a park in Hamamatsu-cho this past weekend, then walked over to Shiodome... she wanted me to try out the jacket she bought for me for Christmas. ^_^

Pics (click to enlarge)
This is the World Trade Center in Hamamatsucho.
Me at Kyuushiba Rikyuu Garden in Hamamatsu-cho (half a minute walk from JR Hamamatsu-cho station; turn right after you get out of the exit. It's a 150 yen to get in.
More pics from the Kyuushiba Rikyuu Onshi Teien... the conical structures you see are actually support systems for the shaped pine trees in case of heavy snowfall. I heard they do this at major gardens and parks.
Though it be winter, we found a blooming sakura (cherry blossom) tree.
It was a nice day.. I love the reflection on the water
One more pic from the garden
After the garden, we walked toward Shiodome. We liked the curve of the monorail structure.
A pic of the monorail; on the right is an Italian garden.
This was a cute duck jumping house thingie for kids near Nittere (Nippon TV)
One of the cool looking buildings in Shiodome.
Caretta Shiodome is a complex with restaurants, shops, performance theatres, and an Ad museum.


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