Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Well, I went to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test today (level 1); the site this year for me was the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Unfortunately, I hadn't studied much and although I tried to do some last minute cramming, I really struggled. For the past two exams, I did fairly well with the kanji/vocab and listening portions and poorly for the reading comprehension/grammar portions, but this year, I was basically guessing most of the kanji and vocab. I tried not to let myself get down and concentrated on the next two parts. I was pretty confident with the listening portion, and I was surprised with how I managed the reading comp/grammar portion. Usually, I run out of time for that portion and end up wildly guessing, but this time, I not only finished ahead of time (by 3 minutes, lol), but I felt confident with two thirds of that part. However, I don't feel confident enough to think that I passed... I'll try to do a little more studying this time and try again next December (the test is only given once a year, for those who don't know). ^_^;;

Photos of the university:
A building near the main entrance to Tokyo Institute of Technology. TIT is just a stone's throw away from Ookayama Station on the Tokyu Oimachi line.

The Level 1 test takers heading back home after the test. It was really cold today... and it started to rain, to boot.

A statue on the school grounds... don't know who he is though.


At 5:34 AM, Blogger R8 said...

awesome blog. I really dug all the photos my bro took when he lived in Japan, therefore I love seeing photos of Japan & especially Tokyo. Very cool to see and makes me want to graduate even sooner so I can go, but b4 that i have to go to HK first ^^.

At 3:32 PM, Blogger WRex said...

Thanks for dropping by. ^_^ Check in again time to time for more photos then. You can also see other photos of Japan in my regular website:


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